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A brand new future to shine bright for!

Following in your footsteps.

Future Tennis Princes
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Growing up is hard to do, but everyone must do it eventually. Even the boys and girls of Prince of Tennis. Still teenagers at heart, everyone is actively doing something with their lives! What's the point of sitting back and relaxing? That's boring. From Atobe as a renounced business CEO (and current indirect controller of Japan), to Bunta's rising status as the next Willy Wonka of the district by owning a popular Candy & Cafe shop.

Aside from brand new careers, there is also something new they have to worry about: Their own children! Some still young, some just entering juniour high, or some entering High School -- everyone is looking forward to a new year, new drama, and new whines about getting a raise in their allowances.

Look out, because every day is even more exciting than the last.
It's time for the Next Generation to step up to the plate.

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I don't like a community without rules. No, members cannot do whatever they want. This leads to un-needed bullshitting (AKA community drama), and extremely unhappy members.


1.) Please be aware that any harrassment of any kind will lead to you getting banned indefinitely from this community. There is a zero tolerance level for bullying in a roleplaying community.
2.) Be friendly. Interract with other members! Make up fun plotlines, and just generally start talking in all. I'm not fond of 'cliques' in roleplays, in a play like this, EVERYONE can interract for some reason.
3.) Activity is important! Please try to keep up with the community, keep your journal in check, and remember to log. Punishments will be handed out to any poor character that fails to follow this rule. I doubt you want your character in an utterly humilating situation, so please keep in check.
4.) Please have SOME knowledge of the English language. You don't have to write perfectly, however you must reframe from making me laugh by sounding like a complete idiot. Nobody will take you seriously.
5.) If you have any comments, questions or general concerns please contact the maintainer at once! Don't keep silent. If there's a majour problem, we'll fix it ASAP.
6.) Hetro / Shounen Ai / Shoujo Ai are all accepted, and are asked to be done tastefully.
7.) Out Of Character things should be posted in miraipuri, though please plainly label in the subject field "OOC." If you're going on hiatus then please write: "HIATUS."
8.) Anything and everything should be sent to miraipuri@gmail.com.
9.) The Community is LOCKED. Sorry. You'll have to ask to join to watch it.
10.) Have fun! Make the most out of roleplaying.

All Roleplay logs should also go in the community. In the following format:

RP LOG: (Characters involved)
Summary: (Small idea of what happens)
Rating: (G to NC-17)
Date: (When did this take place?)

Please remember to use LJ-cuts.
If you do not know how to use one, ask and it will be taught to you.


1.) The application to join is to be sent in the following way to miraipuri@gmail.com:

Personal LJ:
Character(s) Requested (max is 2):
Contact Info (AIM/MSN/Yahoo):
Sample Journal Entry:

2.) Original Characters are accepted. We stress being creative so, if you have an original muse you would like to use, bring it on! Please don't completely liter the community with original characters though. (Define our definition of original characters? We're talking about characters that have no ties to any of the old school Tenipuri boys. No this 'OC' has his own family, etc. That's what we mean.)
3.) Offspring of various Prince of Tennis characters can work of many ways! They can be adopted (if your original pair is male-male), or if your boy married a female -- the natural way. I will give you a rough example: (Atobe Keigo Jr. was adopted by Atobe Keigo. Keigo Jr.'s original birth mother was his younger cousin: Atobe Adelma. Due to circumstances, she was unable [and very unwilling] to keep her child. . .) So have fun with that.
4.) All characters belong to their players! Do NOT NOT NOT copy any ideas WHATSOEVER If you need help, ASK. Do not steal.
5.) If you'd like to apply to actively play an adult, go for it! They're accepted too. (AKA if you want to play CEO!Atobe, give it a go.)

Which is right here!

『LET’S GO 未来テニス!』
Atobe Keigo Jr.
[ verfeinert ] First Year High School Student.
AIM: keigo buchou
Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi

Fuji Atasuke
[ marmonner ] First Year High School Student.
AIM: fuji atasuke
Seiyuu: Satou Yuko

Mukahi Naoko
[ akesuke ] First Year High School Student. AIM: mukahi naoko

Mukahi Hikaru
[ yorokoubi ] Second Year High School Student.
Seiyuu: Ueda Yuuji

Niou Shogo
[ toraburu ] First Year High School Student.

Kirihara Yukio
[ byousou ] First Year High School Student. AIM: knuckle serve

Ieyasu Seiji
[ imkhai ] First Year High School Student.
AIM: demon defied
Seiyuu: Iwanaga Tetsuya

Sanada Yukie
[ yukieko ] First Year High School Student.
AIM: sanada yukie
Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya

Sanada Tatsuya
[ hakuryoku ] Third Year High School Student.

Horio Saori
[ saori_pinknblue ] First Year High School Student.

Marui Suzutake
[ bittersweetgum ] First Year High School Student.
AIM: marui suzutake
Seiyuu: Romi Paku