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Dec. 18th, 2005 | 10:59 am
posted by: saori_pinknblue in miraipuri

I really haven't been paying proper attention to this place, and I figured I might as well just make my non-playingness official, so I'll be dropping Saori if you all don't mind. Sorry~

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OCC- attention

Oct. 25th, 2005 | 09:11 am
music: L'Arc~en~Ciel-NEW WORLD
posted by: toraburu in miraipuri


For a few days; the longest, 2 weeks.
If anyone needs to find Shogo, drop me an email or an offline message.


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This is called a mod post & VOTING POST!

Oct. 24th, 2005 | 01:42 pm
mood: deviousdevious
music: Dir en Grey - Child Prey.
posted by: marmonner in miraipuri

I will be doing this once a month, so get used to it.

A reminder to all members to reply to the contact information thread, and to keep your character happy, active, and awesome.

To all new members:
A reminder to not fuck around. If you are playing an adult, I again stress this--DO NOT ALTER THEM IN ANY WAY. Stay in character, stay on track, this is NOT their stomping grounds. This story focuses mainly on the children with parents playing a shadow role. NO crack-crap when concerning the parents. The children are free game (of course.) However if I find you fooling around, and basically destroying a good canon character.. you will be BANNED indefinitely. The three of us have spent nights slaving over details to run this community and roleplay: correctly. We don't need anyone ruining it; we don't need anyone miserable. If you're here to throw crazy and insane loopholes in the plot without consulting a player, one of us, or that has nothing to do with the children--you are in trouble and I warn you to stop yourself before you get yourself in too deep.

Deal with it, or quit. You can easily be replaced.

I'm sorry if I sound harsh. (No, I'm not. I'm just trying to make you feel better.)

This has been your every day friendly mod,
keep up the activity! It's been awesome so far.

Also note that starting next week: If you do not update or log -- YOUR CHARACTER WILL BE PUNISHED. :)


Onto the voting!


1.) Graveyard. (1)
2.) Haunted House.
3.) Broken down haunted Gothic-style Church. (1)
4.) Bloody walls. (AKA "Writings in red on the Walls")
5.) Write a new suggestion.

Atasuke voted graveyard.
Keigo voted Gothic-style Church.


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For anyone whose child is a part of Yamabuki:

Oct. 18th, 2005 | 12:21 am
posted by: imkhai in miraipuri

Please read Seiji's user info, specifically the details on his nickname! Thanks. <3

{I wouldn't mind some criticism or comments. :D}

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Oct. 17th, 2005 | 01:02 am
mood: contentcontent
posted by: marmonner in miraipuri

Hi! To prevent confusion when applying for miraipuri we, the maintainers have decided to list who original Prince of Tennis boys have been claimed and off limits to be paired. All people interested are to read character journals before applying due to the fact that they contain vital information, thanks.

All pairs have been decided by the players and are not to be touched. There are no messing with pairings either. (AKA a character is not going to go off and have about seven different affairs. Please keep that out.)

P.S.: Please don't whine! The players here enjoy these pairs,

Anyway, onto it!Collapse )

No alterations will be made, so don't ask.
If you want a child using one of these above pairings, CONTACT THE MAINTAINER ASAP! She will then contact the player or player(s).

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Oct. 15th, 2005 | 11:19 pm
mood: busy
posted by: marmonner in miraipuri


1.) If you're interested in the community, apply!
2.) If you have any questions about the community, contact marmonner.
3.) If you're not sure of a character you'd like to bring in, comment and we can speak about it.
4.) No spamming this post, no flamers, no stupidity of any kind. We are here to have fun, and exercise an old idea.
5.) Please don't copy any character you see running around. They are OUR creations. Not yours. Get your own brain, and use it. I know you have some creativity in you.
6.) New Original Characters are welcomed! Read the rules, please.

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